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Destination Tomorrow Al Baha agenda is designed to demonstrate the value proposition of investing in Al Baha and the investment process. Furthermore, it will showcase the incentives being offered to support SMEs in the region alongside financial incentives being offered to investors.

Site Tours for Investors

Al Bahah has a diverse landscape, including mountains, large tracts of agricultural land, and valleys, among others. Shada Mountain Reserve is one of the most important attractions, housing the region’s largest variety of flora, as well as diverse wildlife, making it attractive to sightseers and nature lovers. The region is a top destination for hiking due to its unique mountain trails and attracts adventure enthusiasts.

Al Baha’s opportunities aim to target all price points (with a focus on midscale and budget segments) for the following offerings: Culture & Heritage, Adventure, Sports and Wellness.

The conference this year includes site tours and family retreats for the investors attending to Shada Mountain Reserve, Wadi Al Ahseba, Zee Ain Heritage Village, and multiple other hotels and resorts.

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The venue is a well-known property to all transportation providers. You can use this Google Maps link for the property to ensure you are headed in the right direction.

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